Plan (Winter) to Plan (Spring)

Tuesday Jan 24th, 2017


Hi All, 

We are into January now... Spring is not too far away! Really...

We often think about winter as "the winter blah's" and at times - there is good reason for it.

So let's make lemonade out of those lemons. Winter is a great time for indoor actiivies. So pour a glass of wine, spark up the fire and start planning your Spring Real Estate Needs. There is so much to think about and many apsects to the home selling or buying process. Planning is the key to your ultimate success. To have a plan in place today means that you can be first to market in the Spring - ahead of the curve rather than trying to play catch up and deal with a secondary market.

There are several things to consider in the planning process: Financing , Marketing, Home Inspections, Cleaning, Staging and the list goes on. While it can be daunting - it doesn't have to be.

Here's the key. ME! I'll take care of that kind of stuff for you while you focus on your family and your household daily needs.

Give me a call, let's chat and figure this out together.

“Pairing your closing with the perfect vintage to leave a lasting impression.” Christine Warren

Take care,


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