Jan - 2017

Tuesday Jan 03rd, 2017


Hi Again Friends,

Welcome to 2017!

A brand new year filled with many opportunities.

The Real Estate industry and the market are very fluid. We have seen so many examples of changes that can impact our decisions as consumers to buy and as owners to sell. The Government has introduced stress testing for mortgage lending rules, closed some tax loops on foreign investors and has made changes to mortgage insurance. The rationale has been to protect buyers from being over-burdened in debt, to keep foreign investors from taking advantage of tax loop holes and to cool the market in Canada’s two hottest markets – Toronto and Vancouver. Back in February of 2016, new rules resulted in buyers having to put down a minimum of 10% on the portion of a home valued at over $500,000.

Change is inevitable. “The more that things change, the more they stay the same…” Not everyone can be an expert in every subject. We all have lives with varying priorities - families, careers, education and other aspects of our personal portfolios. When it comes to your home, your mortgage and the legal aspects around all of this… your Real Estate expert will take on the role of quarterback and put you in position to deal with all of these plays professionally and properly.

Give me a call… I have a network of industry experts to help facilitate the purchase or sale of your most valued possession.

“Pairing your closing with the perfect vintage to leave a lasting impression.” Christine Warren

Looking forward to this brand new year!

Chat soon,


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