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Wednesday Mar 08th, 2017


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Condo Pros and Cons!


I have a Condo Listing Coming Up Soon!   

It really got me thinking about the pros and cons of “condo living”. Like many other things in life, it is something that comes down to personal choice.

The first of these choices is the suitability of living in a condo vs. a home. It is important to question the things that will impact you on a daily basis. Parking, elevators and proximity to neighbours come to mind. If you happen to be a drummer for a rock band who needs to rehearse 5 nights a week at home… a condo might not be your best choice (or your neighbours preference.) On the other hand, if you desire a tranquil environment to work, study or to call home base due to travel, a condo might represent the perfect solution.

Once you have made the decision to choose condo living, you have to evaluate what is important and why?

Amenities. A beautiful swimming pool with a diving board, slide and 24 hour usage is only valuable if you are a “pool” person. The same can be said of weight rooms, common usage areas and flower gardens. What is important to you in a home and how does the condominium of your choice satisfy those needs? Does the existing demographic of the condo suit your space in life?

What floor? The higher up… the better view. Typically, there is less activity the higher up as traffic starts and stops at the lower floors. Amenities such as pools and weight rooms are often (not always) on the ground level. The upper floors travel downward in greater mass than upward. However, lower floors offer less time (and stops) on elevators, increased safety in the event of an emergency and offer more regular options to walk up a few flights for the health conscious.

The bottom line here is that there is no one-size-fits-all. And that’s a good thing.

As the old saying goes, “different strokes for different folks”.

Give me a call anytime if you’d like some help listing your needs and priorities and how your choice of home style will best suit you for the years to come.

Thanks for reading and as always… I invite your comments.

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