Comes From Away

Tuesday Mar 13th, 2018


It’s interesting how sales, territories, client base and associated buzz words work in today’s world. In any industry, we have become a very connected world where our new customer prospect is as close as our keyboard, our mobile device or the person right beside you regardless of where you are.

Recently, I took a winter break far from the world of Real Estate and away from my local area. I spent 10 days in beautiful Cuba where along with family and friends, I enjoyed some sunshine, local cuisine and the hospitality of the natives. By now you must be wondering… nice story but what does that have to do with Real Estate? Stay with me…

On one particular evening, while enjoying the activities in the lobby, meeting new folks and just talking in general, the conversation turned to - where are you from and what do you do? When people from anywhere near Toronto are on vacation, most of us usually respond: “Toronto.” It’s just easier that way. For those who are also from the Toronto area (basically Ontario…) the next question is: “Where in Toronto”? My natural response is usually something like, “actually, just north of the city.” (Or originally I’m from Newfoundland, but that will be another story.) Turns out my new coffee mate friends were from Wasaga Beach and Richmond Hill now living in Toronto. My home base being New Techumseth, so we were familiar with each other’s territory.  When asked, “What do you do back home”? “I’m a Real Estate agent…” My new friends that I met in Cuba, have parents who live in Innisfil and may be considering selling their home. Mom and Dad just might be looking for an agent. Thank goodness I brought business cards with me. Since our return, we have connected on Facebook and expanded our network to each other’s contacts.

I don’t know where this will end up but for now at the very least, I made some new friends and possibly met a future client. In this business… your customer can be right beside you wherever you may be. If you see me in the grocery store, at the car wash or taking my dog to the groomer, please say hi and let me know if you are looking to make a move. It may seem like I’m doing something unrelated but I am always working.

Your agent from near and far, keeping your interest at heart.


Christine Warren

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